Yes, I do all sorts of commissions

I was asked by a friend if I could do portraiture. My paintings are typically semi-urban landscapes or street scenes that rarely focus on specificity of those depicted. However, yes I am happy to do portraits, and its always nice to get a commission that gets me to return to a style I may neglect from time to time.

This painting was a wedding gift for a couple who are the parents of this joyful infant. We snuck the photo out of a photo collection they had online and surprised them.

Work installed in rooms at the new Ace Hotel!

I was commissioned by the Ace Hotel to make a series of two-panel paintings that will be installed as armoire doors in some of the guest rooms of their new location in New Orleans. They have been amazing to work with, and I appreciate their effort to include local artists in their roll out!

You’ll see that these were executed with a brush instead of my normal palette knife technique as the works required a lower profile.

Read more about the hotel here.

Work Now at ‘Where Y’Art?’ Online!

I have recently joined the ‘Where Y’Art?’ community in New Orleans. It is an amazingĀ  resource for local artists to connect with each other and art-lovers. They have an online portfolio and shop as well as a physical gallery space on Royal Street with rotating works. I will be highlighting andĀ selling work through the website.

If you are not already aware of this organization, I urge you to take a look at their site and browse some of the great local work that it features.

Check out ‘Where Y’Art?’!